love song micropoetry

by Esther J. Santiago

Ah, Valentine’s Day—sips cup of hot cocoa—the one day to splurge on yourself or a loved one. It’s also the one day when it’s tolerable to be cheesy. No? There’s no excuse for being cheesy?  What do you think?

Throughout  the first half of February, we are bombarded with roses, chocolates, the gigantic teddy bears, the Hallmark letters, the cheesy rom-com movies, and the never-ending love songs. In honor of el dίa del amor y la amistad, we converted our follower’s favorite love songs into micropoetry prompts.

Some of our followers’ favorite love songs (submitted through our Instagram) include:

Each song served as a daily prompt, but the writers were free to include any type of love in their micropoems: agape, self-love, friendships, crushes, platonic, heartbreak, paramours. The good ones. The sad ones. Everything in between. The poems we’re sharing today were sent by some of our incredible followers on Instagram.

Prompt for Day 01: “Space Girl” – Frances Forever

“center of my universe

you fill the void

i was looking for”

Siska Jumi

Prompt for Day 02: “Apocalypse” – Cigarettes After Sex

“breaking the walls we created 

you saw through them

and found me”

Siska Jumi

Prompt for Day 03: “Driver’s License” – Olivia Rodrigo

“windshield wipers wiping the rain away

i thought you were my home

now this car is my only shelter”

Siska Jumi

Prompt for Day 04: “invisible string” – Taylor Swift

firm was the hand of fate

“golden strings like class rings

knotting us at pressure points

and fingertips

pink of mind and, sublimely, pink

of lips

my bones have always known it

would be you”

Rachel Yousman

Prompt for Day 08: “The Very Thought of You” – Ray Noble

“seeing your face was a cliché

everywhere I go

but the thought of you

kept me holding on to hope”

Siska Jumi

Prompt for Day 10: “Kiss Me” – Sixpence None the Richer

“the gaze in your eyes

as our faces leaned in closer

holding on so gently

you kissed me slowly”

Siska Jumi

Whether it is the holiday mood or this post that has inspired you to write a little, feel free to send us your micropoems! We’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks to our social media poets for sharing your wonderful works with us. To our readers, we are honored and grateful for all your support for aurora. If you would like to see more daily prompts, let us know! 

(Instagram: @aurora_journal, Twitter: @aurora_journal)

(If you’ve read all the way up to here, thank you. As a little bonus, here’s one of my favorite love songs: “The Only Exception” – Paramore.)

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