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Welcome to our inaugural issue, or as I prefer to call it: our immersion into the universe.

Esther J. Santiago, Letter from the Editor

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stay home this christmas, and send a poem to your loved ones

by Esther J. Santiago My grandmother refers to social-distancing as an “act of love.” This way, you protect yourself and others. We try our best to stay healthy these days by staying six-feet apart, wearing masks, washing hands, foregoing hugs, etc. As positive cases for COVID-19 continue to rise, we must take upon ourselves extraContinue reading “stay home this christmas, and send a poem to your loved ones”

an introduction to cosmology: reading and listening recommendations

by Liz Sankey Ever since I was a little girl, I found myself lost in books and worlds far away from my own. Imagining faeries, sprites, and all kinds of little magic creatures, or watching humans on spacecrafts fly from planet to planet, exploring millions of different ecosystems. Space and the universes beyond were fascinatingContinue reading “an introduction to cosmology: reading and listening recommendations”


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