In Japanese, “kira-kira” is an onomatopoeic word for glittering or shining. Whether it’s the gem-like reflections of the ocean, or the mysterious glint in a cavern, or the look in someone’s eye, some things are just light.

Esther J. Santiago, Letter from the Editor

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“the gift of grace”: happy easter sunday

by Esther J. Santiago Happy Easter Sunday to those who celebrate! I love the tranquility of an early Easter morning when the sun hasn’t risen entirely, and the sky is a soft blue-grey. Cherry blossoms and tulips are in view. The warmer breeze. Birds singing. Then, I hide Easter eggs all over the house. And…

love song micropoetry

by Esther J. Santiago Ah, Valentine’s Day—sips cup of hot cocoa—the one day to splurge on yourself or a loved one. It’s also the one day when it’s tolerable to be cheesy. No? There’s no excuse for being cheesy?  What do you think? Throughout  the first half of February, we are bombarded with roses, chocolates,…


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