an introduction to cosmology: reading and listening recommendations

by Liz Sankey Ever since I was a little girl, I found myself lost in books and worlds far away from my own. Imagining faeries, sprites, and all kinds of little magic creatures, or watching humans on spacecrafts fly from planet to planet, exploring millions of different ecosystems. Space and the universes beyond were fascinatingContinue reading “an introduction to cosmology: reading and listening recommendations”

defining dreamy lit: journeys to magical stories

by Lilia Shen I’ve built a shelf for a well-loved collection of writing that I call “dreamy lit,” a loose collection of stories that deal in magic, plus intimacy, myth, youth, yearning, hidden interconnectedness, and more. They are stories about worlds built just on top of or just beneath our own. They read like aContinue reading “defining dreamy lit: journeys to magical stories”